This article is from the Hungarian
Creation Magazin 2021

Which one is it really, M or W? Is it a point of view? And could it be both at the same time? It’s a simple task: let’s look at the context and we’ll know. XIMOH. So, it’s an M!
But let’s take a look at it upside down as well! HOWIX… How long can we play this game? Until our angle of view is wide enough for us to able to see the whole picture. But the mainstream reasoning can be so convincing, that very few people are willing to go to that point, where the correct point of view will reveal itself. To use an example with letters, if we read longer: TEXIMOHUR we realize, the middle letter can only be an M!

It’s a matter of opinion

Have you seen a horse that’s fully harnessed? The blinders’ purpose is to stop the horse from being able to see sideways. 1 This way the horse’s attention won’t divert easily. Sometimes I feel the same way. How about you? The Creation Magazin will help you to free yourself from the blinders, to widen your angle of view and to find the right point of view when it comes to the important things in life.
Sometimes creationist believers are said to have only a few evidences. Yet, they have the same rocks, artifacts and ancient notes available, as the evolutionists. But as our mentality is fundamentally influenced by our faith and world-view, we start off from our own introduction, when studying the world around us and therefore coming to a different conclusion. My wish is, that as readers are reading Creation Magazin 2021, they will realize how much better it is to see many of the twisted perceptions – that are nearly considered as axioms – in their original aspect!

The Stunning Stonehenge sheds light on the fact that history has always been written by the victors, even in warfare and world-view relations. But everyday scientific findings are also affected by the decisive ideology of a given era. Now, the article that raises questions about the age of Saturn sheds light on the uncertainties that surround the age of Earth.

By studying the biblical approach of the Flood and the Ice Age, we find simple and logical answers to questions, meanwhile the evolutionist approach – which doesn’t rely on creation and biblical records and thinks in millions of years – fails to find authentic answers. The languages of Babel will examine the development of humans, as verbalizing creatures, under the magnifying glass. How is it possible that all the different languages, writings and buildings that last for centuries, seem to have appeared at the same time, all over the world?

The Creation Magazin will help you to free yourself from the blinders, to widen your angle of view and to find the right point of view

The story of Leonhard Euler gives us an insight into the private life and work of this exceptional talent, and you get to learn of his interesting, sensational achievements and the secret of his success. Contemporary scientist, Brian Thomas tells us how he realized that science actually supports the biblical creation, how he’s practicing his research in a Christian critical environment and what are the results of his explorations so far regarding the age of the Earth.

The Flood and the Ice Age, The wonderful Earth and The spirit of Babel all shed light on the crucial importance nowadays of a, having rock solid faith, b, of having a definite ideology, as well as c, the often ignored, yet all the more effective opinion shaping.
There are so many people trying to shape of our opinions. So, accept the challenge and become you, yourself an influencer – a ray, that helps the world mature! The Creation Magazin is an excellent tool to do just that.

Article translated from Hungarian Creation Magazin 2021

Translated by Barbara Sujánszky

Proofread by Lilla Király


He is the editor of the Hungarian Creation Magazin and the director of the charitable Good News Foundation. An architect and public figure who has been actively working on the nation’s Christian way of thinking for decades. He is bringing up his 4 children in the fear of God in Hungary with his wife, Barbara.

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This article is from the Hungarian
Creation Magazin 2021

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