This article is from the Hungarian
Creation Magazin 2020

’For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made,
even His eternal power and Godhead…’ Romans 1:20

What is the Creation Project?

The goal of this project is to present, by studying the wonders of the Created World, that biology, nature, science and religion, all point to the same direction: to the Creator God himself. This has been recognized by scientists, philosophers and laymen in the past and many come to the same conclusion today as well. And just like in the past, you can catch the signs of our thoughts being under direct influence today as well.

We are convinced that the world, and within our beloved Hungarian motherland, has always been moved forward by free thinking and by examining life’s important questions with courage and integrity. For example, how life was formed on earth, the continuance of the universe, in which examining God’s role, the question of extraterrestrial life and the research of the unknown future.

Our common duty and responsibility is to pursue these, to study and to present the opinions of academic literatures, historical resources, past and contemporary scholars, scientists and lecturers. Some of these topics, like the theory of evolution, are backed by very strong advocacy, while others are neglected.

The Creation Project’s objective is to draw attention to the actuality and crucial importance of 21st century biblical world-view.

The Creation Project’s objective is to get to know, to understand and more widely familiarize the literate civilization’s most basic, although nowadays mostly neglected biblical standpoint, and to draw attention to the actuality and crucial importance of 21st century biblical world-view.

This standpoint has already been researched and represented in Hungary by numerous scientists, theologists, experts and companies with high standards, their work is highly appreciated and we thank them for it. This is the Hungarian nation’s life-giving root and, according to our opinion, is the key to the future and as such, needs to be built and strengthened. At the same time, we respect those to whom this is not of great importance or don’t agree with us.

We will try to draw attention, of both believers and nonbelievers, to the extraordinary importance of the topic of creation, utilizing the annual Hungarian edition of the Creation Magazine, that has the 42-year-old, Australia based Creation magazin as the base, and to contribute to the Hungarian literature of this topic. As to which standpoint to utilize in our work and faith is a free personal choice. The freedom of choice is one of the important, common fundamentals of both the Bible and democracy itself.

Our educational project is a new, independent, autonomous initiative, but we agree with Petofi and say that we, too are a ray helping to ripen the earth1. If any private person or organization would like to join us, you can do so by reaching out to us through email:

I feel that I, too, am a ray helping to ripen the earth.

We have launched the Creation Magazine but the majority of the work is yet to come. We are looking for answers to many of our fellow country-men’s burning questions. We would like to do our job with credibility, respect and high standards, on a regular basis. We are planning on widening our repertoire by adding other publications, mobile apps, games, community programs etc.

The fate of the project is in the hands of God and you, Dear Reader! Become our volunteer, messenger, representative and part of the technical support! Shop on our website, engage in sponsorship and support us any way you can! Thank you!


Let’s take it to every corner of the country! ‘I’m convinced that, from the aspect of the future and well-being of our nation, it’s crucial that we embrace the topic of creation and that we present the actuality of the Bible’s world-view. There are many examples in history where a nation was able to rise back up after they had restored the respect for these values, and this applies and will apply to Hungary as well! The Creation Magazine can be a great instrument in this. It is my desire for it to reach every corner of the country, and to be able to help many of us to reflect on the values, the wonders, the points and the purposes of our lives!’

Mrs Zsuzsa Albert, Magyarok Európában Egyesület


Article translated from Hungarian Creation Magazin 2020

Translated by Barbara Sujánszky

Proofread by Lilla Király


He is the editor of the Hungarian Creation Magazin and the director of the charitable Good News Foundation. An architect and public figure who has been actively working on the nation’s Christian way of thinking for decades. He is bringing up his 4 children in the fear of God in Hungary with his wife, Barbara.

References and notes

1 The apostle by Sandor Petofi–az-apostol—the-apostle.html

Translated by Barbara Sujánszky
Proofread by Lilla Király

This article is from the Hungarian
Creation Magazin 2020

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